1 out of 4 women will be a victim of sexual assault in their lifetime. 54% of sexual assaults are never reported. Many films have explained the problem.

One film searches for the answers.


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Nationally recognized trainer and speaker Tyrone White examines the cultural roots of violence against women and seeks to start a dialogue for change.

About Us:

This project has always been more than a film. It's a movement that we are creating to effect a cultural change in attitudes.

About the Project

Tyrone White

In my 20 plus years of providing training and seminars, it has been my mission to help people transform their minds and realize well-being and success. Unfortunately, we continue to have situations whereby the unspeakable happens daily to women and girls. I have had dear friends that were murdered in intimate partner relationships by their significant other. I have also found that many of my seminar participants have personal stories or know of someone close to them that has been victimize.

In exploring this issue, I have discovered that we are dealing with a culture that tends to marginalize and objectify women and girls. I believe this thought process can lead to violence. That's why I want you to work with us to create a film and a movement that will alter the cultural perceptions that are all too often glamorized in music, movies, other media and passed down from generation to generation. I'm no prude and am not advocating any form of censorship but as an African American I deeply understand how vital it is not to marginalize any group in our society. With your help we can begin to shift this paradigm and create a better world for all of us.

Bruce Seifert

30 years and counting in music and film and I still get excited when I find a project like this. One does not have to do the extensive research that we have done to see that we must do something. You only have to watch the news. In my home town of Cleveland alone there have been several horrific incidences of violence against women that have gained national attention in just the last two years.

I am honored to be working with someone of the caliber of Tyrone White on this project. His professionalism, experience and passion are inspiring. Our goal is to create a film with world-class production values. And though I hesitate to use the term entertain when referring to such an important subject, I know that it must have that value as well, in order to reach and impact a broad audience. To that end we are asking you to consider being a part of this film and help us. Only through your support can we make this happen.